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Food Pantry

Aldersgate has faithfully maintained an emergency food pantry for many years, and the Missions Committee would like to thank all those who have supported our pantry. Unfortunately the number of requests for food assistance we have gotten in the past year has decreased to the point where we risk some of our food items going beyond their "best buy" dates.

The Missions Committee recently heard that the Patchwork Central Food Pantry is in desperate need of food; they routinely run out of food before needs are met and they would be happy to have us help keep their pantry stocked. Therefore, we have decided to partner with Patchwork and all food we collect at Aldersgate will be sent down to Patchwork to serve their community needs. (Donated funds will be used to purchase food for the Patchwork Pantry.) Rest assured, we will still be collecting food and funds at Aldersgate, but we will no longer maintain our own pantry. If you would like to help out with the Patchwork Pantry, please contact the church office and we will give you the appropriate contact information.