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Youth Faith Journeys Class  Sunday, 9:45-10:30 am

Youth Group   Sunday Night - Snacks, games and more!

Time is usually 5:00-7:00 pm, but watch your email and text for updates of specific weekly times. If you are not receiving information at least weekly, let Cynthia know!



Youth Afternoon Bible Study  Tues., 3:30-4:30 pm - NOT MEETING during EVSC Christmas Break



Mornings - Free Hot Breakfast for Harrison High School Students, Family Life Center gym, 6:30-7:20 am during the school year!  (Not meeting during Christmas Break)

Afternoons - Open Court Basketball for high school students and young adults from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m (Not meeting during Christmas Break).

Evenings - Bible Study, Snack and fun for students in 6th to 12 grades from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m in Rooms 109, 110 and gym. (Not meeting Dec. 23 or 30, 2015)



Special Event Friday, January 2:

New Year's Day LOCK-IN    <-- click for details



Weekly Events

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Sunday Night

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Youth Bible Study

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30 pm

Youth Bible Study


What does the Bible mean? What is it trying to tell us, and how do we find out? Does God really have a purpose and a plan for us? How can I be a better person, and do more of what God wants me to do?

If you've ever had questions like these, I've got a Bible Study for you! Every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30, we meet in the youth center in the basement to discuss the Bible and our faith. This is a very laid-back, easygoing, no-question-is-off-limits session where we can talk with each other about what it all means.

Get a new perspective on life and faith! Find out how its all relevant! Eat lots of Oreos and make friends with Little Debbie! Snacks, soft couches and Bibles provided, all you need to bring is your brain and your spirit!

So, be sure to be there! You're in a time of your life when you are forming the habits that will last you a lifetime, so make sure that God and the Bible are a part of that lifetime! It's easier to keep to your Christian walk if you're surrounded by friends that understand where your values come from, so be sure to bring those who are closest to you to Bible Study with you, whether they are members of Aldersgate or not, everyone is welcome!

Handouts from past studies! Share with all your friends!
Be the envy of your neighborhood! Suitable for framing!

The Pentateuch
The Old Testament Histories
The Books of Wisdom
The Prophets
The Gospels
New Testament History
The Epistles

How to get in touch with Jeff:

Text or call: 812-319-8589
Instagram: jeffanthony7566
Snapchat: jeffanthony7566
Kik: Oh for Pete's sake, that's enough.



  • Led by our senior pastor, Mitch Gieselman, it's an intensive (couple of hours a week over about 16 weeks),
  • fun, interactive introduction to nearly every aspect of the Church and developing Christian faith.
  • It's a preparation for church membership for those who choose to be confirmed, but you can still be in the class if you don't want to become a church member.
  • It's only for 8th graders and it happens only once in your lifetime, so don't miss out!

Youth Faith Journey Class

Sunday Mornings at 9:45 am

Youth Faith Journey Class

Sunday mornings 9:45 - 10:45 am

Join Jeff Anthony around the big island in the kitchen (lower level).


How to get in touch with Jeff:

Text or call: 812-319-8589
Instagram: jeffanthony7566
Snapchat: jeffanthony7566
Kik: Oh for Pete's sake, that's enough.

Free Breakfast for Harrison High School Students

Free Breakfast for Harrison High School Students

Breakfast is FREE on Wednesday mornings if you are a high school student! Come to the Family Life Center gym and chow down on hot breakfast, donuts and more!

7 am on Wednesday mornings during the school year!

Sunday Night Youth Group

Sunday Night Youth Group


Sunday Nights

Time: 6th-8th grade, 5-6 pm | 9th-12th grade, 4-5 pm

Location:  Youth Center

Activities:  Games, Snacks, Worship, and Bible Study

Adults are invited to donate snacks, sweets or beverages for youth group and special events.

Typical evening consists of:

  • Gathering time with snacks, sweets and beverages (all free unless a student prefers to purchase a soft drink, which we keep stocked in the fridge for 25-50 cents each--honor system with a bank on top for change). Students can also play rec room games during this time: pool, ping-pong, air hockey, mini-basketball, foosball, giant connect four or giant jenga
  • Worship - Nick plays awesome guitar and sings!
  • Bible study/topical discussion- we read verses, we dissect them to really understand the meaning, we talk about how they relate to the topic at hand and our lives in general. There are no stupid questions--everyone should feel free to ask anything they wonder about!
  • Game time - sometimes goofy games that tie in with the lesson, and sometimes typical youth group games like capture the flag, sardines, volleyball, etc.

Youth Service Projects

Youth Service Projects

From time to time, the Aldersgate Youth will spend part of their time together helping others.

Past Service Projects include:

  • Folding bulletins for Youth Sunday
  • Helping move potted plants from around the church to the gym for Promise Sunday
  • Christmas Caroling to Shut-ins - every year in December
  • The youth have also gained a lot of experience serving others at our fundraisers, such as the Mardi Gras Pancake Breakfast and the Annual Spaghetti Lunch.
  • Helping with VBS - each year, our teenagers provide nearly half the workforce for Aldersgate VBS!